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Speakers of the GAA

Since 09/2023

Patrik Seuling

Faculty of Medicine

Patrik is originally from Bamberg and studied Psychology at the University of Freiburg for his Bachelors and Masters. He is doing his PhD at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy about anxiety disorder and virtual therapy-possibilities since 2021. Additionally, he has been active in several Freiburg student orchestras since the beginning of his studies. In September 2023 he got elected as a speaker for the GAA and is looking forward to being able to advocate for the concerns of the PhD students from the University of Freiburg and the University Clinic.



Tobias Butelmann

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Tobias started his PhD 2021 at the institute for Macromolecular Chemistry in Freiburg. He studied Molecular Medicine in Tübingen and Biomedicine in Würzburg. He values interdisciplinary research. Since the beginning of his studies, he has been active in numerous student initiatives. Most recently (and still) he is a representative for the PhD convent of the Faculty for Chemistry and Pharmacy. Through the work at the convent, he also got to be active at the GAA and is looking forward to representing the PhD students of the University of Freiburg as speaker for the GAA.




Former Speakers:

in chronological order



Klara Lesch,

Shamphavi Sivabalasarma


Klara Lesch,

Shamphavi Sivabalasarma,

Andreas Woitzik


Audrey Scognamiglio,

Andreas Woitzik,

Klara Lesch

2019-2020 Tony Franzki
2018-2019 Tony Franzki