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The Joint Working Committee of the Doctoral Candidate Councils

Responsibilities and goals of the joint working committee:

According to the University of Freiburg’s general doctoral degree regulations, the faculties' doctoral candidate councils may form a joint working committee to deliberate on issues concerning doctoral candidates of all faculties and make recommendations to the university’s governing bodies.

The joint working committee is asked to give its opinion on doctoral degree regulations. These position statements are included with the draft regulations when they are passed on to the Senate for approval. The joint working committee spokespersons may be invited to Senate sessions to advise on interfaculty issues.

The Speaker Team of the GAA:


Information about Tobias and Patrik can be found here.


Committees to which the GAA sends representatives:


  • Senate: The doctoral candidates in the Senate and Senate Commissions (Picture)
  • Ph.D. Convents
  • Faculty Councils
  • Doctoral Committees (in some faculties)
  • Further committees
    • FRIAS Steering Committee
    • Federal Stipends for Doctoral Candidates
    • Room Committee
    • HISinOne Advisory Council
    • IGA Travel-Scholarship Committee
    • Commission for Responsibilities in Science


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Historical development and legal basis:

The amendment to the general doctoral degree regulations in the Senate on 27 January 2016 provided the legal basis for establishing the Joint Working Committee of the Doctoral Candidate Councils. The joint working committee passed rules of procedure in its inaugural session on 17 March 2016.

The ten faculty doctoral candidate councils had already been established prior to the session. All persons accepted by a faculty as doctoral candidates belong to that faculty’s council. Each council sends one representative to the joint working committee. Joint doctoral candidate councils for several faculties send one representative per faculty to the joint working committee.

The amendment to Baden-Württemberg’s State Higher Education Act in spring 2014 required universities to establish representative bodies for doctoral candidates. The legal basis for these representatives at the University of Freiburg is the university’s general doctoral degree regulations. They stipulate that doctoral candidate councils be established at the faculty level and allow for the establishment of the Joint Working Committee of the Doctoral Candidate Councils.