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The Speakers of the GAA

Audrey Scognamiglio

Faculty of Physics

Audrey is a doctoral candidate in experimental physics,
member of an international graduate school.
Her research consists of investigating the properties
of atomic and molecular systems relevant for the
development of new and advanced solar cells.
As a speaker of the GAA, she is willing to improve
the integration of international doctoral candidates,
and to help finding solutions to meet the needs of all
doctoral researchers.

Andreas Woitzik

Faculty of Physics

Andreas is doing his doctorate on hybrid quantum
algorithms at the chair for Quantum Optics and
Statistics. Before that, he studied mathematics,
physics and computer science as a high school
teacher in Freiburg, Edinburgh and Zurich.
The appreciation of teaching and the exchange
between doctoral students are matters close to
his heart.

Klara Lesch

Faculty of Biology

Klara studied Biology in Freiburg and is now a
doctoral candidate within a cooperation project in
molecular and plant physiology, where she is
investigating the interaction of photoreceptors
with other proteins using single-molecule imaging.
Working together with doctoral candidates of the
different faculties can improve the situation of
all doctoral researchers. Together with the other
speakers, Klara wants to strengthen these connections,
especially through improving the network
between the doctoral candidates across the faculties.