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Doctoral candidates in the Senate

Since September 2019, the doctoral students have been represented by three members in the Senate, the highest elected council of the university. As regular members, they are entitled to vote and can thus give a clear voice to the concerns and interests of the aforementioned status group.

The elected Senators for 2019/2020

Elected for one year, membership in the Senate offers doctoral students the opportunity to be acquainted with the internal policies and organization of the University and to contribute shape its future.


To contact the Senators and their representatives in the Permanent Senate Commission and Committee:



Representatives in the Permanent Committees for 2019/2020

In order to ensure intensive and successful committee work, the status group of doctoral students is represented in some Senate Commissions by committed doctoral students who are not elected members of the Senate. They are available to all doctoral students concerned as direct contacts for the topics they represent and look forward to content-related assistance and cooperation.


Verena Eisenbeis, M.Sc. 

Doctoral candidate

Institut of Organic Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy


"I am a doctoral candidate in the natural sciences, one of the areas in which equality is still a particular challenge. I would like to be a contact person for all doctoral students who have questions, problems, but also ideas and suggestions on the subject of equality."


- Member of the  Permanent Senate Commission on Gender Equality


Sarah Praunsmändel

Doctoral candidate

Centre for Security and Society, Project "ZuRecht - The police in the open society"

Faculty of Law

"As a representative of the status group of doctoral students in the area of gender equality, I am responsible for drawing attention to the potential of the concerned group and for bringing grievances and your concerns to the Senate Commission."


- Member of the Permanent Senate Commission on Gender Equality

Lisa Dietel, M.Sc.

Doctoral candidate

Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy


"I see the work in the Senate of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg as an opportunity to represent us, doctoral students, as an interest group and thus to draw attention from the existing structures as well as trigger structural changes within the faculties. It is important that doctoral students are strengthened during their qualification, thus giving them the opportunity of laying the right foundation at the beginning of their scientific career".


- Vice Member of the Structure and Development Commission